Leverage Jiu Jitsu


Welcome to Leverage Jiu Jitsu- Introducing Us 


Head Instructor Phillip Grapsas

  • Head Instructor of Leverage Jiu Jitsuimage
  • 2nd Australian to ever be awarded his Black Belt, in Brazil from Professor Pedro Sauer
  • Almost 15 years extensive Jiu Jitsu training, making him one of the most experienced Australian Instructors in Gracie and Self-Defence Jiu Jitsu.
  • Head Instructor/coordintor of Leverage High Schools Self-Defence Program


 From the Students


Chiara‘One of the things that stood out for me is the comfortable environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, female or male, beginner or experienced, it’s a really comfortable environment for everyone.’






‘I’ve made a lot of friends training here…I like the sport its very fun, and technical and keeps me sharp.’



‘Phil’s a great teacher and the place is really welcoming and everyone is really encouraging and the higher belts are always happy to help the lower belts, which make you feel welcome. I’m glad to be here, it’s a good place to be.’



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