Leverage Jiu Jitsu

Student Reviews

 From the Students


Chiara‘One of the things that stood out for me is the comfortable environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, female or male, beginner or experienced, it’s a really comfortable environment for everyone.’






‘I’ve made a lot of friends training here…I like the sport its very fun, and technical and keeps me sharp.’



‘Phil’s a great teacher and the place is really welcoming and everyone is really encouraging and the higher belts are always happy to help the lower belts, which make you feel welcome. I’m glad to be here, it’s a good place to be.’




Decklan‘Training here has helped me manage everyday anxiety and has improved my quality of life significantly… It’s made me a happier person, a more relaxed person and I don’t know where I’d be without it.’




Laurence‘When I started Jiu Jitsu here I was around 72 kilos and now I’m 62-64 kilos. When I first started here I was very unfit but now because of the training, for under a year now, I can move better and my confidence levels are much higher as I am now able to move bigger people than myself.’





Eddie‘Its a great atmosphere, everyone’s safe, it’s good learning and everyone is respectful to each other and gets along.’








Dan‘I found for me that the functional side of this training has been a massive benefit…I’ve trained other sports before but I think that having this functionality of movement has definitely improved my fitness…having an Instructor like Phil is great because he is straight to the point , knows what he is talking about, and explains things really well, gives you that chance to learn properly and replicate it.’




sam‘He creates a good culture, It’s all about the instructor, and if you don’t have a good instructor you don’t have a good club. And that’s what we have here a good club and one of the best instructors I’ve ever worked with.’






Dale‘The comradery is great here, the atmosphere is fantastic, everyone is very welcoming and it doesn’t matter if you’re first or last on the mat they all try and help you out. Phil’s a really great instructor and really breaks it down for you to make it easy to understand.’





Rodger‘The way that Phil can explain a technique from any position…and explain it in a way that s easy to understand. He’s involved with you in a way that’s more than a Jiu Jitsu coach but also as a friend.’





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